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Song Picks April 10th 2014

Hey guys, there's so much good music that comes out on a daily basis that will never see the light of day on the radio. I wanted to highlight a few great tracks. These aren't necessarily for a club or wedding, but I like to try & cover a wide spectrum as possible. The more music you can experience, all the better. Hope you guys enjoy and feel free to leave comments below! 




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DJing through the Caribbean

2 weeks ago I had the honor of playing for a week aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis, the largest cruise ship in the world. It was 16 floors of a breathtaking work. Between the Central Park on the ship, to the carousel, to the ice skating rink… oh wait…. did I mention all the clubs aboard that we hosted parties in? Night after night playing for over 2,000 Brazilians on board celebrating Carnival with us. Mixed amongst the American crowd I loved playing back and forth between the best of Brazilian beats to the current wave of Pop EDM infecting clubs at home. 

On the ship we had the honor of spinning alongside two other incredible DJ’s. Resident DJ Tic Tac playing from cruise to cruise for over 12 years now, and fellow New England resident, DJ Action Jackson. Action and I spun trading sets back and forth for Thursday’s Twenties Party, hosted by Absolute Vodka. The night was from wall to wall feeding off the crowd’s energy. 

And a huge shout out to Flavio Maeda, whom we dubbed "International Man of Mystery" Both Mcee & Hype man for my Brazilian sets, Flavio worked crowds like it was no ones business. If I had my way he'd be my right hand man at every venue. 

The experience was incredible and loved every minute of playing through Haiti, Mexico, & Jamaica. But we’re  ecstatic to be back home now to play back at our residencies and all of our upcoming private parties. Looking forward to seeing everyone out!

Much Love


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