I get a lot of questions about song recommendations for different parts of parties and weddings. Today I just wanted to talk about the most important song, the first dance. The largest part in picking out a song for your first dance as husband and wife would be to think back and ask yourself if you two ever shared a special moment and a song was playing in the background. Maybe when you met Iron & Wine's cover of "Such Great Heights" was playing. Or at the end of the first movie you saw the end credits rolled out with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Hysteric" the acoustic version (That would be a good movie! Someone make this happen!) 

My point is, look for songs that may have actually been a part of your relationships history. These songs will resonate beautifully at your wedding for your big moment. If nothing comes to mind, I'd dig through your collection and find something meaningful, where the song represents your relationship. Theres a multitude of love songs out there, but don't just grab any old track! Find something specific in a song. Great songwriters can paint beautiful pictures that the track can so closely relate, you'd think it was actually written for you guys!

Today I'm going to recommend a few and say what I like about them. The first is the previously mentioned "Hysteric" (Acoustic Version) by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The verse's she talks about how the fire of love used to hurt, her black heels showing that. But now that same fire lights the way for the future. The chorus' line of "You suddenly complete me" has to be one of the best sentiments from any love song. Enjoy!

Next is a classic. This is Tom Petty's "Alright For Now."  It's perfect for a few reasons. It's a soft waltz, almost a lullaby. The lyrics are endearing and his vocals are heartfelt, filled with adoring admiration. The next part is that it's 2 minutes long! If you're afraid of dancing in front of your guests this could be a great way to go! A couple used this on request as their last dance song at their wedding. All the guests gathered around them as they danced, completely impromptu! So what did we do? Played it twice! 

Last is just a longtime personal favorite. This is by an incredible rock band that never gets radio play (even better!) The song is called "Wake Up" (acoustic version) by Coheed & Cambria. I'm just going to let this song speak for itself. Enjoy below and any tips or help picking a track let us know!