Hey Guys, this post is waaayyyyy past due, so its time to get to work! I wanted to highlight some amazing tracks and mixes that I'm really into. Some are dance, some are laid back and chill as I love a broad spectrum. I'll post some specific lists down the road, but for now here are your tracks. Let us know what you love or don't!


The first is a mind blowing love song. This one speaks for itself with a breathtaking remix. I'm a Goulding fan but the original is so-so. This elevates a mediocre track to a new level. It's been on pretty constant repeat over this way. Take a listen

Next up... Mapei. If you haven't heard any yet this next tune comes in with a unique sound especially on vocals

Now is CHVRCHES, yes with a V instead of a U. It's a remix not insanely altered, but a beautiful flair. Great synths here, check out another great track:

& lastly is WE ARE TWIN... maybe I'm into bands that insist on capitalization? These guys have a 5 track EP out. All I can say is pick it up. Fun vintage sound, every track is quality. Enjoy you beautiful people!