Hey guys, its been a while but I'm bringing back my Song of the day blog. Exactly how it sounds, it's good new music (Or old songs. Fuck it, its my blog) that should be heard for the musicaly inclined. Put these artists on your radar, file some under breakup mixes, put some tracks under the "2am love making" playlist, Others for coffee on sunday mornings, or your secret list of female pop singers overflowing with taylor swift/selena gomez tracks that I know you have (I won't tell anyone). 

Before I get into the track,  gotta plug the spots. This Friday night (8/7) at Bar in New Haven 10-Close. Only spot to see me out this week, Weddings Thursday and House party Saturday. Love this life. 

Bringing it back with a house music favorite today, tracks you should know about! Duke Dumont's new track "Ocean Drive" This should be in rotation on your summer driving playlist. Sexy and smooth and up there with his past "I Got U" Enjoy you beautiful freaks!